Board Certified Surgeons

Is your Surgeon Board Certified to Perform Your Cosmetic Surgery??

The Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons, Inc (PAPRAS is the only recognized organization by the Philippine College of Surgeons to grant board certification in the field of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery in the Philippines.

To obtain Board Certification, surgeons must have completed at least five to six years of formal training in plastic and reconstructive surgery after medical school in training hospitals sanctioned by the Association. Additionally prior to certification each surgeon must pass a rigorous written and oral examination for certification given by the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery.

The field of plastic surgery encompasses both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and Board Certified practitioners are trained, experienced, and qualified to perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the face and all areas of the body. The following is a complete list of Board Certified Surgeons in the country. Any Surgeons currently not on this list are not recognized by PAPRAS.

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Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons

1. Dale Raymond A. Abraham, MD, PAPRAS
2. Aser S. Acosta MD, PAPRAS
3. Ma. Adela Aguilera, MD, PAPRAS
4. Briccio Alcantara, MD, PAPRAS
5. Eric E. Arcilla, MD, PAPRAS
6. Catherine Y. Asedillo, MD PAPRAS
7. Jeanne J. Azarco Lim, MD, PAPRAS
8. Joselito S. Balingit, MD PAPRAS
9. Mejie M. Billones, MD PAPRAS
10. Corazon C. Buenviaje, MD PAPRAS
11. Rosauro D. Cabailo, MD PAPRAS
12. Placido P Calimag jr., MD PAPRAS
13. Lutgardo Jr. Caparas, MD PAPRAS
14. Vicente G. Castillo, MD PAPRAS
15. Tristan A. Catindig, MD PAPRAS
16. Joselito Rosauro J. Cembrani, MD PAPRAS
17. Jose Joven V. Cruz, MD PAPRAS
18. Melinio G.Cruz, MD PAPRAS
19. Conrado G. De Gracia, MD PAPRAS
20. Lora Mae A. De Guzman, MD PAPRAS
21. Alexander G. Deleon, MD PAPRAS
22. Edwin I. Del Rosario, MD PAPRAS
23. Josephine S. De Vera, MD PAPRAS
24. Rene C. Encarnacion, MD PAPRAS
25. Jay G. Estorya, MD PAPRAS
26. Gil C. Fernandez, MD PAPRAS
27. Glenn Angelo S. Genuino, MD PAPRAS
28. Gerardo G. Germar, MD PAPRAS
29. Edgardo G. Gonzales, MD PAPRAS
30. Ma. Pilita M. Gurango, MD PAPRAS
31. Benjamin G. Herbosa, MD PAPRAS
32. Jesus Gil B. Inciong, MD PAPRAS
33. Jesus Gil B. Joaquino, MD PAPRAS
34. Stanley U. Kho, MD PAPRAS
35. Marlon O. Lajo, MD PAPRAS
36. Carlos I. Lasa jr. MD PAPRAS
37. Anissette Cristina Librojo, MD PAPRAS
38. AlfredoL. Lo, MD PAPRAS
39. Laurence T. Loh, MD PAPRAS
40. Peregrino VII R. Lorenzo, MD PAPRAS
41. Florencio Q. Lucero, MD PAPRAS
42. Edwin Paul V. Magallona, MD PAPRAS
43. Francisco C. Manalo, MD PAPRAS
44. Ponciano D. Manalo, MD PAPRAS
45. Marlon B. Marquina, MD PAPRAS
46. Jayson R. Martin, MD PAPRAS
47. Mirela M. Mijares MD PAPRAS
48. Nicanor S. Montoyo, MD PAPRAS
49. Jeorge B. Neri, MD PAPRAS
50. Edgardo T Orlina, MD PAPRAS
51. Jesus Rey E. Paltrigera, MD PAPRAS
52. Amado J. Piamonte, MD PAPRAS
53. Lourdes Josephine A. Ramos, MD PAPRAS
54. Jesus Recasata, MD PAPRAS
55. Marcelino R. Reysio- Cruz, MD PAPRAS
56. Nina Y. Salgado, MD PAPRAS
57. Juan Jr. P. Sanchez, MD PAPRAS
58. Hector jr. M. Santos, MD PAPRAS
59. Tiong Gam Sia, MD PAPRAS
60. Jose Melvin M. Sibulo, MD PAPRAS
61. Ramon Q. Sision, MD PAPRAS
62. Gerald C. Sy, MD PAPRAS
63. Oscar Victor A. Tagulinao, MD PAPRAS
64. Ma. Irene B. Tangco, MD PAPRAS
65. Bernard U. Tansipek, MD PAPRAS
66. Teresita L Tongson, MD PAPRAS
67. Nikki Eileen S. Valencia, MD PAPRAS
68. Roberto T. Valenzuela, MD PAPRAS
69. Enrico C. Valera, MD PAPRAS
70. Rene C. Valerio, MD PAPRAS
71. Socorro B. Velasco, MD PAPRAS
72. Susan L. Verallo, MD PAPRAS
73. Roger Stephen S. Viajar, MD PAPRAS
74. Ma. Elena J. Villarael, MD PAPRAS
75. Jesusito S. Zuburi, MD PAPRAS